Friday, October 16, 2009

Archon Defender in the press

There's lots of buzz about the film building on the web as more people discover my film and spread the word:

Robukka, a fan of my films since the brickfilming days of the Rocketmen vs Robots series, has been busy promoting the film all over teh interwebs, check out his blog here. got the 'scoop' way before my screening at the Revue Cinema

Someone on the gamers-underground forum found my film

Animation World Network posted my press release verbatim. If I'd known that would happen, I would have used more words like "genius" and "all hail our glorious imperial dictator" to describe myself.

The film did not escape the notice of M. Dot Strange, who gave me some good tips on how to proceed with the online distribution of my film.

The super-genius Chris Gomez at also has a good writeup of the film.

And finally, a review from someone who has actually seen the film up on the big screen where it should be seen.


Robukka said...

Thanks for mentioning. My blog of nowadays is a comic of abstract tributes:

I have received the DVD. Looks more vibrant than on YouTube. I love your commentaries. :)
Since it is region-free I might be able to play it on my bigger screen through PS2 or something. Actually, if I get the laptop connected to the TV I'd purchase the hi-def download since the resolution matches.

Robukka said...

- this DVD is fantastic on the telly. :)

- getting that big file I got stuck on the decision of United States/Canada lol America is not the world...

nodelete said...

Hmm.. I'll talk to the sales staff of black pixel records, there's no 'shipping' charge on the digital dl, so that stuff shouldn't be necessary.

(I'll take your money no matter what country you're from :P ;)

Robukka said...

What the strange is going on with Black Pixel?

nodelete said...

I am not directly involved in administration of Black Pixel Records.

You'll have to contact them directly

Black Pixel Records can be found at: