Saturday, September 12, 2009

Archon Defender Awarded #1 in Animation Category at SkyFest

Archon Defender has been awarded 1st place in the category of Animation at the SkyFest 2009 Film and Script Festival in Asheville NC. This marks the first such occasion, and the first time I've actually received an actual award for one of my films (though totally pwning renderfest a few years back was totally worth it...)

So apparently a nice shiny star shaped trophy is on it's way in the mail. I'll post an hour long tutorial on how to properly polish your film trophy once it arrives.


Robukka said...

Congratulations adorations!
(your film is also the one I have been most looking forward to this last year or so. Be proud.)
Still not available to see, to buy... aaargh.

Bonnie said...


nodelete said...

soon...soon... waiting for the DVD's which should come this week

Leo said...

Hey, congrats! Way to go!

Drainage64 said...

hey nodelete I happy that you are winning awards and Im gonna let you finish but jk Iwont go there. but seriously congratulations on the award!