Sunday, August 16, 2009

Always room for improvement

Whenever I find myself done a film, I always look back on the different shots and think of ways that I could have done it better if I only had the skills back a year ago that I had now. That means two things:

(1) The next film is going to be way better than this one. If you think Archon Defender is the best film ever (which it is) just wait til I cook up the next one.

(2) There's always room for improvement.

It's always about increasing your skills. Learning from your mistakes. When your HD crashes taking a week of work, you learn that you need to be more paranoid about backups. When you come up with an easier way to animate a character or make something look better, then everything after that becomes better.

I found there's nothing like jumping in with both feet, and always making life hard on yourself in terms of stretching your skills to over 9000% then when you're done it's like you just got a super 0day mad 1337 powerup.

Like when I was starting Archon Defender, I had never done character animation before so I had to jump in and learn how to model, skin, and animate or there was going to be no film. :( and that wasn't an option.

So yeah, armed with what I know now, I should be able to streamline my process, not make the same mistakes that I did the first time, and make the next film even better than the previous ones.

I might even write the whole script before hand too...


Sans said...

You think you'll end up doing a tutorial or something on your end*****n(didn't know if you wanted to tell people your secret mega hella secrets lol) work flow?

nodelete said...

Yeah, that's a good idea, I don't use endorphin much anymore, but I'll make a vid for that in the next couple days.

nodelete said...

Check out my youtube channel, I just finished a tutorial on exporting form endorphin to 3dmax