Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost Done ;D

The main animating and rendering is done (and has been for a while).
Sound effects is done.
Music is done.
Syncing voiceovers to the the computer voice track I initially used is done.

Much thanks to everyone who contributed thier efforts and voices to the voiceover project.

Now, with a few shots to re-work, a credit roll to be added at the end (and possibly a 20 second epilogue at the end, I haven't decided....) The film is almost done

99 % done and 100% watchable right now. (I'll certainly be watching it)

So you're itching to know when and where you can see Arhon Defender. Well, it's off to film festivals, and then online distribution of some form. I'd ideally like to see online retail of digital files in HD format. Converting to DVD doesn't do the film justice. Keep tuned here for updates, as I figure things out ;) If you have any good info regarding film festivals, or on line distributors, let me know...

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Robukka said...

My advice and hope is that you let me please see your film. I can write a review I can make fanatic art.