Monday, June 29, 2009

The Most Powerful Way to Get Unstuck

Interesting stuff from an article at Zen Habits by Jonathan Mead:

...not only is it valid to care about the work you do, it’s absolutely necessary. I used to think that you didn’t have a choice, or that doing work you love was some kind of luxury for the retired or gifted. And you know why? Because we’re taught that we can’t get paid to be ourselves. We’re taught that we need to become something in order to earn a paycheck.

Here’s some refreshing news: That’s an assumption...

Right on, so in a nutshell, you aren't really alive unless you are doing something with your life. Something creative... Oh, say, an animated film or something...

His list of suggestions follows as such:
I've got most of those covered. Except maybe the revolution bit. There's a growing momentum of indie animators and filmmakers, empowered by technology and the internet. Hopefully someone will make a better film than me. Lots of animators, with great ideas and way more skill and talent than I have. Maybe you're one of them right now, working on some big studio flop-buster, just itching to get your own idea out.

I want to see that. If you watch Archon Defender, and think "shit... I could make a better film than that", then get to it. No seriously, make a better film than I can. I'm not trying to boast here... I actually want you to make a better film than I can. (I might even seed it until my ratio reaches 1)

Here's my suggestion:

You can do something epic, an amazing legacy project, and still hold down a shitty 9 to 5 crap job to pay the bills.

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