Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Indie filmmakers on the web...

I came across filmmaker Ricardo Mercado's 10 minute film youtube:

Overall a very well executed film, and I can especially appreciate a one human effort on these kind of films. There are definitely some good cinematic moments that stick out from the rest of the film, which will be difficult for me not to outright plagiarize for one of my next projects. The story was well thought out, and suitable for the length of the film, although could be well adapted for a feature length film. Kudos to Mr. Mercado for not having it all just be the dream of some 8 year old kid at the end of the film, like so many other 'efforts' I've seen. Some of the animation could use improvement, in particular the character animation, but if you have no room for improvement then you are just going to stagnate as an artist. Ricardo: keeps up your efforts and keeps increasing your skills, I'd love to see more films.

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