Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The fine tooth nano comb of sound fx editing

One of the side ''benefits" of sound editing is that it affords one to step frame by frame through the entirety of the film, with all the mistakes, rendering and comp errors staring one right in the face. Laughing at you. Mocking your best intents to do the perfect job.

Makes me wonder how many 'screw ups' actually make it into a pixar movie. Not the fake 'blooper reels' that they tack on at the end that takes actual extra effort to do. But nit picky little things, like something composited at 95% opacity for a frame or two, or a bit of 50% grey visible for another frame or two, or a stairstepped shadow map somewhere.

On the upside, there's obviously room for improvement ;D If I was able to make the perfect film 10 biullion% over 9000 super awesome best film ever... ...I'd have to stop making films. So as cool as Archon Defender is going to be, the NEXT film will be even better. (hehe especially with some of the crazy sh** I have planned... ;)

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