Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Overheard on IRC...

<nodelete> I need a 'plants growing' sound
<nodelete> hmm
<nodelete> I think I need to go get some celery
<nodelete> and then record me twisting it
<@st_basil> :)
<@InterLNK> romaine lettuce may be good too
<nodelete> yeah I have some of that
<@InterLNK> or someting with plastic wrap
<@InterLNK> for a crinkly sort of growing sound
<nodelete> can't sound plasticy
<nodelete> dont want ppl thinking "hey-- he just
took a bunch of plastic wrap and recorded it,
that's not real plants growing quickly"
<@InterLNK> just record yourself saying
"growing real fast" and speed it up a lot
<@fdask> lol
<@fdask> just say 'growing'
<@fdask> speed it up
<@fdask> the 'real fast' is redundant!
<@InterLNK> not as redundant as your face