Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soundtrack Collaboration Project

Open Call for Muscial Collaborators.

Based on the response I've received for voice actors, and seeing as how I'm going to have at least two different 'soundtracks' for the eventual DVD release (computer voices and voice actor voices)

I've decided to open a call to all budding musicians who want to help score an alternate soundtrack to the film. The way this will work is simple: If you want to score a part of the film, Let me know, and I will send you a low quality video clip of your section of the film with a bit of the existing soundtrack that I have created as a starting point, and you create a soundtrack to fit. If your track doesn't totally suck :P then I'll include it as part of an alternate soundtrack release parallel to the existing soundtrack ;D


Anonymous said...

Never really got around to doing that voice over, but I'm really interested in giving this a whirl!


thanks man!

nodelete said...

actually, I haven't got around to sending you your parts, but I will... once I get some other stuff sorted out.

The Macabre World said...

I make short films, series, randomness, etc. in live action form and dabble in creating scores
so i'd be interested in giving it a try

Robukka said...

Sounds cool. Please can I try and contribute?