Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fixing Pixels

Let's play find the screwups. I've made it easy for you:

These are little rendering and comp errors that creep into your project without you noticing, and every time you watch your film you notice a new one. I've been going through and fixing as many of these as I can, however you can never get them all. For example, just as I was capturing the screen grab for this, I noticed that the guard off camera to the left was cropped too close into the frame. Oops, and this one is being rendered right now. Looks like I'll be recomping this one more time tonight...

Now you can be too picky about this, there's a certain level of errors you have to put up with or you'll never be done your film. But, Archon Defender is going to be the best film I've ever done, at least until I start on the next film. So, gotta make it look good. This is only the last spit and polish though. If your film is crap to start with, then no amount of obsessing the little details is going to make it good. A good story is essential, if you don't have it then all you are making is a demo reel.

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