Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soundtrack Collaboration Project

Open Call for Muscial Collaborators.

Based on the response I've received for voice actors, and seeing as how I'm going to have at least two different 'soundtracks' for the eventual DVD release (computer voices and voice actor voices)

I've decided to open a call to all budding musicians who want to help score an alternate soundtrack to the film. The way this will work is simple: If you want to score a part of the film, Let me know, and I will send you a low quality video clip of your section of the film with a bit of the existing soundtrack that I have created as a starting point, and you create a soundtrack to fit. If your track doesn't totally suck :P then I'll include it as part of an alternate soundtrack release parallel to the existing soundtrack ;D

Getting Progress...Progressing

Ah the exciting world of video editing! From the above image, the novice or untrained eye might not get too excited. Naturally, not too much going on here. No explosions, nobody dying in a dramatic fashion. No cliffhanger or hot individual of whatever gender you prefer to get the blood boiling.

However, today marks the first inaugural annual anniversary of the filming being completely done, that means all reworks (at least the ones I plan to tackle now) and all shots. The film is done. The sound isn't, but that's another matter. All the shots are in and I've improved the continuity to the point where I'm satisfied with this cut (which I call "interim master cut 002")

Three squirrels gave their lives, bravely, to reach this monumentous point. :(

The response to my recent Casting Call for Voice Actors has been exceptional, my thanks to those who have already done thier voiceovers, and everyone who has contacted me who I havent yet got back to, I will be contacting you in the near future. Needless to say, I've been super busy on this recently, and I couldn't be happier ;D Special thanks to Cimmerian and Sean Kennedy of Rant Radio for putting out the word for actors on the latest installment of NewsReal.

So the film is getting done, the easy part is done (filming), the even easier part (audio and voiceovers) is on the go. Now for the hard part. What next... So I have a full length animated film. Time to hit the festivals. Thing is, some festivals haven't heard that the future has arrived and are still stuck in old modes of thinking. The future is here, it's online, and filmmakers like M. Dot Strange and Four Eyed Monsters have shown the way. I've got a bit of reading to do in the next few months.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sound off like you've got a pair

I've been busy doing reworks these days, and when I'm not doing that I'm working on the music, sound and voiceovers.

I've previously mentioned my sound generators that I've made in reaktor. Another good source of sounds is the good folks over at A vast suppository of free sounds and all covered under a creative commons license. Although I've found that the sounds there are a good starting point, and it helps to run them through Cool Edit to cut out noise and trim unwanted bits.

Creating all the sounds at once is a good idea, especially on a project like this which can take several years. Defining a certain group of source samples that you combine to create a certain effect, such as a machine, or a special effect, you can then go and use those same samples every time that shows up in the film, instead of trying to figure out what you did two years ago.


All that's left to do on the film is:
  1. Reworks
  2. Music
  3. Sound
  4. Voiceovers
  5. Color Balancing
  6. Final Comp
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fixing Pixels

Let's play find the screwups. I've made it easy for you:

These are little rendering and comp errors that creep into your project without you noticing, and every time you watch your film you notice a new one. I've been going through and fixing as many of these as I can, however you can never get them all. For example, just as I was capturing the screen grab for this, I noticed that the guard off camera to the left was cropped too close into the frame. Oops, and this one is being rendered right now. Looks like I'll be recomping this one more time tonight...

Now you can be too picky about this, there's a certain level of errors you have to put up with or you'll never be done your film. But, Archon Defender is going to be the best film I've ever done, at least until I start on the next film. So, gotta make it look good. This is only the last spit and polish though. If your film is crap to start with, then no amount of obsessing the little details is going to make it good. A good story is essential, if you don't have it then all you are making is a demo reel.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Voice Actors Needed

*Update* Thanks to everyone who offered their efforts for the voiceovers, the film is finished so I don't need voice actors at the moment, but I will be working on a new film shortly, and I'll be posting a new casting call sometime in the future *Update*

Casting Call - Voice Actors

Today I began recording voiceovers for my film to replace the computer voices that I had been using up until now. Now, I'm a big fan of computer voices for independent animators like myself, but I've decided to enlist the help of the willing and the foolish to help out make Archon Defender even more awesome than it currently already is.

Some of you have already contacted me with offers of voice actor skills and I will be contacting you in the next little bit to arrange things, in the meantime anyone else out there (male and female alike) who wants to lend their voice to this film, leave me a reply here.

If you are somewhat handy with recording and have a mic and recording software, it would help, unless you're local to the Toronto / Oshawa Ontario area.

There are no shortage of parts to be filled, the film has 42 different speaking characters. Most are one or two lines, but I still have to fill the main characters who get a lot of screen time. So let me know how ambitious you are, and we'll wrinkle out the details.