Saturday, March 28, 2009

Main Filming Done

Yup, you read that correctly! :D

Main filming is now done (just as soon as After Effects is done rendering as I type this..)

I started Archon Defender with this shot, on Oct 8 2006 after a 1 week crash course in self taught character rigging and animation with character studio in 3d max. (Before this shot the most complex characters I had ever animated were the lego men in the rocketmen vs robots movies)

Now with this shot, the final storyboarded shot is finally done, and the film
will finally be in one single rough cut. :O I just realized that both shots have exactly the same vehicle model in it (and they are actually both the same vehicle...) I totally didn't intend that... spooky how that turns out sometimes :o

Now, I still have a couple shots to add to improve continuity and to fix up some rendering screwups, but it's pretty much onto the music and sound now.


Anonymous said...

very good.

fdask said...

Awesome dude! Do we get to see a sneak preview of the rough cut? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man! Just wanna say that I've been silently following your work for a long time. I'm really excited to see you finally finish! I can't wait to see the final cut!!

Let me know if you want any sorta music or voice-work done. My friend and I are recording electronic vocal music, and we'd love to work on stuff inspired by your film!