Monday, March 23, 2009

What's In The Box?

I'm a big fan of the game HalfLife, so I was obviously well entertained by this short film:

Whether this is an indie filmmakers project or part of a larger viral marketing campaign isn't clear to me just yet, the website for the film just has a mysterious box that makes a loud rumbling noise when you mouse over it. And the production looks more high budget than you'd expect from a bunch of guys with an HD cam and 3D studio max. (The camera motion matching is really good... which means that someone on this production at least knew what they were doing.)

Still good though ;D

Edit: I've watched this about 8 times over again today ;D This is rapidly picking up attention online, duh .. of course, because it's so damn cool. And I'm itching to find out what's "in the box" now ':|

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