Wednesday, February 4, 2009

woot 60 mins

I finally broke the 60:00 minute mark, with this shot above ^^^ And with only 3 minutes or so left to do, I should be done primary filming in a few weeks. Or so... After that I still have to do some edits, and some reworks, and add a couple extra shots to improve continuity, and generally polish up the whole thing. Not to mention sound fx and music for the whole film. But... It's getting more done than less done now ;P

Now, generally a feature film runs 75 mins, most festivals cutoff anything less than 60 mins as not being a feature film. There seems to be a 'no mans zone' between 30 mins and 60 mins where films are too short to be features, and too long to be shorts. Hmm. Well, if anyone nitpicks about the length of Archon Defender, I'll just pad out the end credits with my own name a bunch of times >:P


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Agreed! Congrats!