Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Wallpaper

Today I'm feeling lousy due to a cold / flulike symptoms, and worse yet on my days off, and even worse yet a bug that I caught at work :( So I'm chilling out in no mood to animate (watching dr who episodes and drinking tea)

So here's a new wallpaper for everyone, just to make me feel like I'm actually getting something done today:

I don't have too much to do left in filming, and last week I got over 1 minute done, so a little bit of slack off is tolerable. The best thing about doing this kind of project, there's no boss and no money involved. Which means no pressure to get it done, aside from what I put on myself. So to everyone who's eagerly waiting for the film to be done: keep waiting >:D (it'll be worth the wait).

And while you're waiting, why not make your own film?...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sound design

I'm starting to get into the sound design for the film. Every element needs to have it's own sound, especially in terms of the vehicles and technology, environmental effects, and the sound effects associated with the various manifestations of the Shard effects in the film. All the sounds have to work together and strengthen the visuals, and must also be coherent through the length of the film. This is why it's important to do the majority of the sound design as the last stage, especially on a solo project that can take over 2 years to finish. There's nothing worse than forgetting exactly which 4 bits of sound you layered to get a certain effect, so by doing all the sound at once you can make sure that the soundscape is consistent throughout the entire film.

To create the sounds for the various machinery and vehicles in the film, I've created this synth which uses the granular resynthesis capabilities in Reaktor 5 to create a wide variety of engine and mechanical sounds. This synth is actually as versatile as the samples that you put in it, and can also be used to create environmental and ambient background sounds.

Once I'm done filming, the sound and music should take far less time to finish ;D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

woot 60 mins

I finally broke the 60:00 minute mark, with this shot above ^^^ And with only 3 minutes or so left to do, I should be done primary filming in a few weeks. Or so... After that I still have to do some edits, and some reworks, and add a couple extra shots to improve continuity, and generally polish up the whole thing. Not to mention sound fx and music for the whole film. But... It's getting more done than less done now ;P

Now, generally a feature film runs 75 mins, most festivals cutoff anything less than 60 mins as not being a feature film. There seems to be a 'no mans zone' between 30 mins and 60 mins where films are too short to be features, and too long to be shorts. Hmm. Well, if anyone nitpicks about the length of Archon Defender, I'll just pad out the end credits with my own name a bunch of times >:P