Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exciting stuff

Making a 3D animated film is exciting stuff. Explosions, gun fights, space wars, rockets, robots, magic, dragons, deadly tarantulas and radioactive squirrels. All these thrilling elements are painstakingly squeezed out the rear orifice of the 3D max rendering window:

Yup. Hours of fun.

Which brings me to my next rant about movie quality in general, and the increasing lack of attention span that movies and media seems to get. Back in 'the day' people were lined up around the block for months to see the original star wars, and it wasn't uncommon for a number 1 movie to be top dog for weeks or months on end. Nowadays, there's hardly time to download the lousy cam version off bittorrent before it's out of the cinemas and the next cookie cutter action blockbuster or chick flick comedy is rolled through.

Even with my own films, the Rocketmen series, I've noticed the audience attention and appreciation is far in deficit of the actual amount of time and effort put into it. Now this doesn't mean that everyone should be so excited about your film that they go through a whole month's worth of clean underwear in two days, it just illustrates that people are not going to assign the same level of intense devotion and loyalty to the project that you just spent the last 2 or so years living eating and breathing. And it's their loss, really, because as I've said in earlier postings, it's the actual act of creativity that is the driving force behind any art, not the end result. (As George Lucas said, movies are never really finished, just 'abandoned')

Also, it's really sad when a movie totally sucks, knowing the amount of actual effort and devotion that went into the production. Luckily, the movie industry some times gets their act together.

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