Monday, January 26, 2009

Damm lazy :(


I've been lazy lately.

Only when it comes to updating these blog entries though. Archon Defender is almost done. Primary filming that is. 59:26 done to be exact, which leaves retouching some screw-ups, adding some shots to improve flow and continuity, music and sound fx. But more done than not. Plus I'm already working on previs for the next film (and I might actually write the whole script before I start shooting this one, for a change)

If you're itching to see the latest and greatest shots, here's a bit from the climactic end fight scene, without giving away too much in the way of spoilers:

1 comment:

Austin said...

Dave! I can't wait for the final thing man!

I'll probably gather a bunch of friends into my dorm basement and show it on a wall with my projector. It'll be fantastic!

Keep up the great work!