Sunday, January 11, 2009

Characters pt.3: Lucia

Yup. It's been a while since I updated this series of posts about the characters and concepts in Archon Defender. Now that I'm getting closer to being finished, It's time to look at some of the important elements, background, and characters that make up the story:


When Lucia's not too busy being the villain of the film, she spends the rest of her time as the Empress of the city state of Echelon. Fortunately for her, these two jobs have rather similar skill sets, at which she excels. Now all kidding aside, with the character Lucia I wanted to explore the choices and circumstances that lead an otherwise regular person to become a tyrant. In the film we are introduced to Lucia at the height of her power. The film then casts-back to her younger days as a shard adept, and the circumstances and intrigue surrounding the Ascention Ceremony, centered around her friend Avi, which leads to her rise to power. Lucia's path culminates in the final moment of choice where she must decide between redemption or forever giving herself in to her feelings of betrayal and hatred.

One of the underlying themes through Archon Defender is the betrayal of innocence, and Lucia's youthful innocence is betrayed, by both events which carry her forward without her knowledge, then through her response: a gathering momentum of darkness, betrayal which manifests as the Imperial Nation of Echelon, and her War of Despair

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