Monday, January 12, 2009

Archon Defender Glossary

Some of the main concepts in Archon Defender.

The Shard.
The shard is the remnant energy from the creation of the universe, which flows through all matter and motion, and which leads back to the origin at the point of creation. The shard can be thought of as the individual creative intents of the creator which in combination create all that we see and experience, like how the individual brush strokes on a painting combine to create the whole image. In a similar way each consciousness is a fragment of the creative consciousness of the origin, so that those who are in tune, or resonant, with the shard can guide this energy to manifest their will.

Black Shard.
Mastery of shard requires a focus of mind and will free from emotional coloration. The subconscious mind reacts to stimulus and situations, and to the shard sensitive, this can affect the intent of their Aum. Love, Hatred, Anger, emotion can all lead to the black shard, black crystals which grow explosively and unstoppably outwards and in proportion to the strength of the influencing emotion.

This is the reason why (ex.) fighter aircraft, weaponry, or vehicles which use the Shard must have both a pilot and a resonator, so that the emotional intent of the pilot can be separated from the source of Shard.

The black shard can only be counteracted with the Silent Aum.

Shard Sensitive
Someone who has the talent or ability to link to the shard. Not all people are shard sensitive, despite the fact that all people have the same potential (being fragments of the conscious intent of the Origin)

A shard sensitive who has undergone training to focus their mind and isolate the reactive, emotional part of their mind through meditations is called an Adept.

The unborn and newly born have the highest potential, having never experienced the full extent of experiences which we accumulate over a lifetime. These are the Resonant, linked to the shard at birth, before their own individuality and will can develop. This is considered the highest betrayal of innocence, and a forbidden practice.

The meditations which focus the will of the Adept and manifest the desired effect. Aum are named after the effect they produce, such as Levitation Aum, Illumination Aum, the Silent Aum, etc.

The Silent Aum
An Aum which silence the ability to link to the shard, to temporarily silence someone's ability to link to the Shard, or to counteract the effect of other aum (such as the black shard).

Resonators are used to hold and sustain Shard and remove the need to constantly maintain meditation in order to continue a manifestation. Resonators come in all sizes and shapes, and are designed for the particular aum or series of aum they are to sustain. Resonators can store, magnify, and amplify energy as well. The most effective of these are resonators in which the adept sits, or is completely surrounded by.

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David, I must say, I'm extremely excited for your film.

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