Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

It's the December null week in between Christmas and New Years, where all your free time is taken up with friends, family, and other ne'er-do-wells (aka coworkers). Despite the season's festivities (or what is supposed to pass for festivity) I've managed to break 57:00 mins, and get over a minute done in the final scene:

"Lucia, your foot odor is intolerable..."

"Colette, you aren't exactly Dr. Scholls yourself..."

This alone doesn't explain my lack of blog posting here in the last week or two. That can be explained by the following bullet list:

  • I'm Lazy
  • It's winter, and I'm hibernating
  • Srsly, this time of year sucks and there's no sunlight and snow everywhere
  • Squirrels
Luckily Santa was good, and I got a nifty new mp4 player (an el cheapo one from some fake company in china) which doesn't have too bad pic quality (320x240) so maybe I'll do a video review of it or something in a couple of days...

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Postanes said...

I am curious about the background of the story, which origins it have, what has you inspired and what your believes are!!!

Great work!