Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

It's the December null week in between Christmas and New Years, where all your free time is taken up with friends, family, and other ne'er-do-wells (aka coworkers). Despite the season's festivities (or what is supposed to pass for festivity) I've managed to break 57:00 mins, and get over a minute done in the final scene:

"Lucia, your foot odor is intolerable..."

"Colette, you aren't exactly Dr. Scholls yourself..."

This alone doesn't explain my lack of blog posting here in the last week or two. That can be explained by the following bullet list:

  • I'm Lazy
  • It's winter, and I'm hibernating
  • Srsly, this time of year sucks and there's no sunlight and snow everywhere
  • Squirrels
Luckily Santa was good, and I got a nifty new mp4 player (an el cheapo one from some fake company in china) which doesn't have too bad pic quality (320x240) so maybe I'll do a video review of it or something in a couple of days...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More sketches and a teaser framegrab

Here are some more sketches and concept art to keep you entertained.

I come up with these ideas from the crazy dreams I have every night, sometimes I remember enough of the dream and it makes it into my films. (I should really start writing all my dreams down when I wake up, if not all, more than I'm doing right now... ... which is zero)

More concepts for my next film, which though set in the same 'world' as Archon Defender, will have slightly different variations on the common aspects that link the two, mainly in the portrayal of the culture, technology, and mythology as portrayed in the film.

I'm looking to create a more technological feel for the next film, and though I'm a big fan of the steampunk genre, It's one that's getting played out a little too much lately, although I like the idea of mechanical / clockwork technology taken to a highly advanced level. Defnitely inspired by recent discoveries about the ancient world.

A quick set of sketches to unfreeze my brain during a daily drudge through the work day :|

And progress is coming along quite nicely on the last sequence in Archon Defender... ;D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I found myself bored at work (heh suprise.. call center) so I broke out the color pencils:

A panorama of Bridgeland, the setting for my next film. Yup gotta always be thinking ahead, (if not writing the whole script ahead) So as I get closer to being done Archon Defender, I'm coming up with ideas for the next project, which will be set in the same 'world' as Archon Defender, but under much different circumstances.

I also colored in the fuchu japan panorama. I think this kind of modern rural/suburban Japanese style will be highly influential for my next film. Mmm... you can almost smell the okonomiyaki cooking....

Oops: all my sketches seem to slant away towards the top right corner. That's what you get for slouching and drawing at an angle. Good thing for the 'corner pin' distortion in after effects :P

In archon defender news, I'm at 55:55 (just over actually, but 55:55 is resonant with 11:11 if you're into the whole 11:11 thing) and I'm finally working on the exciting-and-complicated-to-render-thanks-to-reflective-floor final scene:

Am I allowed to otaku geek out about my own film? Sure why not: I knew Archon Defender was going to be good when I started it and (...thanks to doing the characters in 3d instead of drawing 2D like I was going to originally...) it's gotten progressivley better as I've gone on. That's the problem with doing a long film project by yourself, as you get better and your skills improve, there's a difference between the start of the film and the end. Hopefully it's not as noticable with Archon Defender, unlike my first film Rocketmen vs. Robots, But if I hadn't made this film it would be f**** awesome, and it's still f**** awesome even if I did make it. Which I did. Or am... hmm :|

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Woot 55:36

About two weeks ago (nov 19 2008) I was sitting at 54:00 mins done, and I set a little goal for myself to get to 55:00 by the end of november. Sometimes it's good to set goals like this, because not only did I get to 55 mins, but I got an extra 36 seconds done as well, not to mention I got this sequence done, and I'm now storyboarding and getting ready to animate the climactic final sequence. The whole film should be about 70 mins when I'm done, which means it's getting close ;D