Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sketches time again. Here's some of the sketches I've done recently while bored on the phone.

First with a page of little sketches to get the brain gears spinning:

Fuchu, Japan.
Or surrounding area.
Sort of.
From memory. 3 years ago+
Most of the Fuchu area of Japan looks like this, only with the occasional beer vending machine, and occasional row of 'snack' bar or okonomiyaki shops.

A Metadox Regent. I've started sketching concepts for the next film, which will be set in the same 'world' as Archon Defender, although much earlier in the timeline.

Metadox collectors. Note the ever present 'donations' box. The one on the left was the first model, I think I'll go with the one on the right, in terms of the boots.

Your typical wilderness outcast wanderer type, unlikely to receive 'employee of the month' certificate :P

Birds eye view of Bridgeland street market.

Bridgeland from the river, with Metadox dolmen in the distance

Yup, I'm always thinking up ideas, and now that Archon Defender is getting closer to being done (that is to say, closer to being done than not) it's time to start planning the next film. As usual, I have a general plot arc and basis in mind, it's just a matter of deciding the details now. And a major detail is how long of a film to make. I'm thinking along the lines of 20 mins or so, but you never know ;D

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