Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics

At my day job (at the call center...), when they aren't busy filling out my paystub every two weeks, they spend the rest of their time obsessing with a multitude of statistics which are supposed to measure how badly I'm slacking off at work. In a similar fashion, I have a number of statistics that I keep on myself just to make sure I'm keeping up progress on the film:

Average daily shot increment: 4 seconds / day

On average I manage to get 4 seconds done per day since the beginning of main filming (oct 8 2006) Yep, the second year anniversary is coming up soon, and I'm glad to say I've finally broken 50:00 minutes.

Average monthly shot increment: 1:58 minutes

Not quite as crucial, because some months can be less or more depending on the type of shot (action or dialog) and if new sets and models have to be built.

Projected 60 min completion date: Feb 23 2009

The glorious day, long prophesied and awaited, when the last shot will be rendered and comped. Then it's a matter of going back and touching up all the reworks, that have accumulated, fine tuning the edits and adding a few last shots to tighten things up, add sound and music, and *done* It'll be a while, this date tends to fluctuate and keep getting pushed back. Depends how complex the final fight scene goes (reflective floor... :o

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