Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cool animated short

Animator Adam Toews presents a short student film:

I was immediately reminded of the film The Fountain, and the cg short The Cathedral not to mention several other strikingly similar elements to my own Archon Defender. I normally don't get too excited about shorts, but this one is original and striking enough that it could even be the basis of a much larger work.

The eye hand is a neat element, although in this film it depicts evil, in Archon Defender, opening eyes are symbolic of a character's awakening to a greater level of awareness and understanding than they had before.

The only thing this film really suffers from is the 2D animation, which looks rough, but to their credit, 2D is hard to do, so extra points for effort and originality and not making yet another 3D animated short with 'quirky' and 'snappy' characters.

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