Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Connect the shots...

I've been busy building some sets that I need for a series of 'connector' shots. Shots that tie the previous scenes in to the next scene and help to establish the flow of the film.

One of the shots I never got around to doing in Rocketmen vs Robots 1 is a shot of civilians being evacuated from the war zone, and this time I wasn't going to omit this, since it's a shot that broadens the scope of the film. Here you have civilians being evacuated from the war zone, and soldiers being transported into the fight. This establishes that there is a wider world of people than you see on the screen, and countless lives that have been disrupted by the events in the film so far.

These shots are based on a couple concept sketches I whipped up at work:

The next scene shows Colette and Alan, two of the main characters, on a cliff overlooking the fighting in the distance. This shot is identical to one earlier in the film (under much more peaceful circumstances) and serves to tie in and contrast the earlier part of the film to the latter.

Now we come to a grimy, dingy room which will be used in an upcoming dream / revelation sequence. I wanted to make this as gritty and dirty as possible (given what goes on in this room)

These shots don't get much screen time but are necessary to maintain the continuity of the film and establish the motivation of the characters.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

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