Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 trailer in HD

Seeing as how I'm making Archon Defender in HD (1280 x 640), it's only fitting that you all get a taste of what the final film will look like in HD, as the youtube clips I've shown so far don't really do it justice to the level of detail that I've put into the film.

Thanks to the kind folks at vimeo, you can watch my latest trailer in HD, and even download the original AVI which is even better quality:

Also, best viewed on a big monitor. Like my new acer x233w I got for really cheap at a much otherwise despised retail vendor I won't admit to shopping at on occasion.

Hello to all visitors from too.. ;D


Jne said...

Thanks for posting it on too :)
Looks really promissing !!


m1a9366b said...


Ryan said...

looks great :D