Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's over 9000!!!!!

Over 9000 1/3's of a second, that is.

9000 / 3 / 60 = 50 mins

And I'm now at 50:01

Yeah I cheated a bit and stretched this shot out longer than it should have gone, so it'll get edited down in the next few days, but it's always good to have some wiggle room.

I also didn't end up following the storyboard exactly, so there are some shots that are going to get re-done and used again because they will look cool from a close, ground up angle. I promise not to use too much of the same animation ;D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2mins on action sequence done

The battle scene is shaping up quite nicely after 2 months. 2 months and 2 mins done. 2:30 if you include some dialog shots later in this sequence (which I dont) So 2 minutes... one minute per month, including all set building (I had the actors and vehicles done and rigged already). Not as fast and I would like to get it done, however these full motion shots are heavy with effects, and motion tracking, and layering (106 layers for one shot...)

I've been pretty slack on the blog updates lately too.. the good news is I've been busy working on shots. The whole film is reaching the 50 minute mark (49:30 actually) so 30 seconds to go. Then it's 10 more minutes to reach 60 minutes, and the whole film should be just over 60 minutes long.

Yup... you know this isn't going to end well... ;D

There are times I think I went a bit overboard on the quantity of blood.

The nifty 'trails' effect was suprisingly easy to achieve.
I may post a tutorial how I did this, should I find some time (and remember :|

There goes the neighbourhood

The latest sequence I'm working on kinda went of the storyboard a bit, so I just may re-do the shots again, this time following the actual storyboard. This is another benefit to working the way I do, with no restrictions of budget or time, I can go off on a tangent and add to the film with whatever cool idea comes up with at the time. Another lesson should be: the storyboard isn't written in stone either. If you come up with a cool idea, in it goes. You don't necessarily have that freedom when working on a big money project that is not your own film.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reports of the world's demise have been greatly exxagerated (again)

Well, it seems they fired up the Large Hadron Collider today, and the world didn't get sucked into a black hole.

Now that means I have to go to @^$&*@$^ work tomorrow ;(

On the good side, at least work on Archon Defender can also continue...

Unless there are other unforseen disasters to come:

There goes the neighbourhood.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

woot more battle shots.. ;D

Despite allergy season being in full swing again, I've managed to knock off 30 more seconds of the battle scene. In two shots. Yup, that's right. 2 shots...

Inspired by the brilliant film 'Children of Men' which utilizes long continuous shots (stitched together digitally) to great dramatic effect. Not my usual way of working, this puts some constraints on how fast you can get through the workflow of each shot. Combined with the fact that all these shots are effect intensive, and the result is a slower rate of getting the film done than I'd like.

But, the final effect is well worth it.