Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Check out Nightfall, an 11 minute space epic by 3D artist Valentin Schwind.

Obviously some high production values here, though I could nit pick a bit on certain details that only the trained / experienced eye would pick up. The main point is that it's done by one person (two actually, the music was composed by the lovely Ivelina Nedyalkova) Secondly, he did this just for his own amusement and released it in HD for all to watch (*ahem*)

11 mins is a bit short, (and probably the idea) Though his site says the rough cut was originally 30 mins long. A bit long for a piece without dialog, so 11 mins fits perfectly. No dialog also means no lip syncing, so extra points for avoiding that trainwreck.

Hopefully we'll see more from Mr. Schwind in the future.

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