Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Modeling the next set of... sets...

I've been modeling the next couple of sets I'll need to fill in some upcoming shots.

This time it's a new revision of the Archon air base set:

I still have to add in the far background in after effects, the foreground of this shot is going to be from a raised guard platform that I have yet to model. Plus I need to make an air raid siren, which I haven't quite designed yet.

My current scene requires a few shots from the ground level of the flight staging area. These shots are another example of a lot of work going into a shot that lasts maybe 20 seconds of the whole film.

Once this shot is done, it's on to the super massive epic war scene ;D (where I plan to cheat a lot and save a lot of modeling time by using smoke and explosions to cover the background ;) ... stay tuned for updates ;)

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