Sunday, July 20, 2008

Level up +2

My render slave P4 2.0 GHz died the other day. Well not died, but the win2k partition on the HD decided to have a seizure, so I had to reinstall onto a different drive to get it back up and running. So, being in the middle of another annoying windows / apps reinstall I thought "hey, if I'm already at it, I might as well go to the computer store and get another cheapo off lease to add as another render slave." Turns out they have a shit pile of p4 2.6's for $200 each so I grabbed one (and of course paid instead of shoplifting... I do have to be able to show my face in that store cuz it is the shizzzzzzzz) (Oddly enough, these computers look a lot like the ones they were carting away last month out of my work office when they did thier big upgrade.)

So I now have 3 computers for rendering:

p4 1.4 gig
p4 2.0 gig
p4 2.6 gig

And I'm so tempted to go nab another one of those off lease boxes from the store... Big time render fest coming up for the next couple sequences...

A little quick calculation, vs the old p3 500 that I started with (and still have) = 12 x the computing power that I had just 5 years ago when I made Rocketmen vs Robots ep.1

Which means that Archon Defender has to be 12 times as awesome as Rocketmen 1.

I also got a scanner today:
Just to make life easier for converting my storybored recipe cards into animatics, scanning in porno mags, etc.

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