Tuesday, July 1, 2008

45:00 mins done :D

woot yayz 45:00 ftw

Right. So I finally made it to the epic 45:00 minute mark, which means that I'm 3/4 of the way to my goal of a final running time of 60 mins. This means I should be just about done shooting sometime in Jan 2009, then with reworks, music and sound effects which should take far less time than animating/comping, the 1st installment of Unity, Archon Defender, should be done.

Yup. that's right, at some point I came up with two more movie ideas that should just about round out what it is I'm trying to convey with these films:

Archon Defender deals with the motivating circumstances of betrayal, loss, and isolation, and how this drives some people to act out of hatred, while others are strengthened by their ordeals.

The Secret of Sound will deal with our perceptions of space and time, and how we are simultaneously limited and liberated by our own consciousness' interface with the world.

A Call to Minds will be a manifesto of individual achievement against naysayers and denegrators who will never amount to any achievement of significance in their own lives.

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