Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3d modeling war ravaged city...

I've been busy modeling the set for my ground battle sequence. I'm going to need several sets, actually, but it gets easier the more I build. The mirror command in 3D max is very useful for recycling objects, and when it comes to burnt out, bombed and ruined buildings, one pile of debris pretty much looks like another.

There goes the neighbourhood...

I just have to build enough unique buildings and then I can rearrange them as I need. I'm also going to need a number of intact buildings, these are a lot easier to make, of course. Also, buildings in the background can be less detailed (plus I intend to hide a lot of the background with fire, smoke, and dust...)

Couple more days of modeling and I should be ready to go. This shot is almost ready, just needs some low poly BG buildings, and a sky / clouds layer then I can animate the actions for this shot.

I spent a lot of time adding details that are meant to show that this was once a vibrant place where people lived: the art deco detailing on the windows, the destroyed rain gutter, the electrical wires hanging on the side of the mid building, the wide pedestrian area with the traffic bumpers and burnt out tree. (Which reminds me, I have to model more of those type of items and put them in...)

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