Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's time to model critters again. More accurately, it was time to model critters today. So I needed this shot of crows flying to symbolize a pivotal point in the film, when a character changes in an instant from having innocence and trust in the world, to bitterness and hatred. they also symbolize the death of a character and the betrayal of trust. Crows are good for this kind of thing: they're noisy and hated by everyone, even the birds around here in my neighbourhood aren't above mobbing up to drive away a crow.

So today, I threw together this quick 3D model of a crow, rigged it for animation, and made a simple wing flap cycle animation, cloned it with particles in 3dmax, and here you go, one 'instant" murder of crows.

Other birds that appear in Archon Defender:



In all three cases, it was easier and faster for me to build the model from scratch than to search on the internet for a free pre-made 3d max model.

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