Thursday, June 12, 2008

Characters pt. 1: Avi

In this series of posts I will introduce the characters in Archon Defender. You might want to read over 'how to understand archon defender' first.

Let's start with Avi:
Avi started as a bit role in the beginning, and she was only going to be a maid servant, but got a bit of a promotion as I refined the story. She is a student shard adept from an unspecified foreign city state (unspecified because it's not crucial to the story, and I hadn't really put that much thought into it until now ;) studying to become a full fledged shard monk in the city state of Echelon. The upcoming ascention ceremony is of utmost importance to her, and she is quite intent and focused on learning her meditations, and spends an equal time trying to get her resonator Lucia to do the same.

Avi plays a pivotal role in establishing the momentum and purpose of the film, unknowingly betraying Lucia to the Echelon Council, and setting in motion Lucia's ambitions of power and war.

Avi rapidly became one of my favourite characters, and I have developed several character traits and behaviours unique to her performance, a concept that I have extended to other characters as well. This gives more depth to the character and enhances the emotional connection to the audience. This can be achieved by something simple as a nervous tic, an emphatic nodding of the head to emphasize speech, or a pair of glasses constantly slipping down the nose which have to be pushed back up periodically.

(And yes, her name, Avi, comes from the .avi video format ;)

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