Wednesday, June 25, 2008

+ 48s

As I've said previously, dialog shots are easy to do compared to action scenes. So easy that I was able to get +48 sec done in the last 2 days. Some people have been riding me saying that I should just 'skip the boring dialog scenes' and just make a film that's nonstop action and violence.


I would counter that by saying that character development, motivation, and purpose are the driving reasons behind the action sequences in a film. Without 'kissy smoochy' scenes, all you have is a demo reel.

For those that still insist: here. go make your own film.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, anyone wanting you to drop the dialog scenes is missing the point.. The reaction on youtube seems awesome, unless you're pruning all the negative nancy's.

I can't wait to see this premier man, TIFF anyone?? :>