Thursday, May 8, 2008

More action shots

I'm slowly getting these action shots done.

Slowly, because there are lots of characters to animate and the timing has to be done well or else it will suck. And there are lots of layers, and effects to do.

Here's some stills from the main layers for this shot, which will be put together with effects in After Effects, and adjusted for timing. I already have the camera movement done from these animatics. These frames are rendered at a ridiculous overscan from the final 1280 x 640 frame, so that I can do the camera move separately in after effects.

I also have to do these shots kinda in order, because the level of debris, destruction, and bodies carries forward as the scene progresses. I've also thought up a couple 'embellishment' shots that extend the scene, without taking away from the flow of the action. This whole scene is probably too short as it is, so I'll have to add shots and actions until I'm satisfied.

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