Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy rendering action scene

I've been busy lately working on the action sequence previously mentioned. Action shots are always labour intensive, especially when a shot contains over 20 actors (at least.. I haven't actually counted) and numerous background effect elements to keep track of.

It's important to always make a dramatic entrance.

The continuity from one shot to the next is important. When things get destroyed, and bodies pile up, they have to show up in subsequent shots. That means that I have to do the shots in more or less a linear order, and the 3D max file quickly gets cluttered up with 'frozen' effect elements and object layers that I have to remember to comp in later.

The good news is that, while it's taking some time to get the shots right and get the timing tight, it's starting to look good. And by good, I mean the dizzzzzope mad hella sick straight up yo.

Some of the shots are blurry by intention, that's the layer motion blur setting in after effects which gives a motion blur effect to the layer on top of the camera shake and motion.

They don't typically teach this in yoga class

I should post another how to video describing how I get the camera shake, motion, and blur effect. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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