Friday, May 2, 2008

Affinity Point

This project looks interesting:

They don't seem to have much of a web presence yet (web page or production blog, google came up empty) but based on the director's live journal, he's been busy finishing of his 2 hour and 40 minute epic. And somehow managed to only spend $800 on it. The shots look moody and dramatic, and there are some good elements in the trailer that I'll be pinching in the future for my own films:

The weakness of amateur films tends to always be the action or fight scenes (hollywood can barely pull it off sometimes) so the jury's out on that one until I actually see the film. But mad hella props to anyone with the balls to make their epic film.. 2h40m crikey! Hopefully it'll see a release on youtube or somewhere.

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Jason Deeh Pitre said...

Hey! I'm not sure if I know you personally (if I do, I apologize) and I don't know how you came upon my blog and Affinity Point trailers. (since we haven't promoted the film AT ALL yet) But I must say that I was surprised to find this in your blog!
The movie isn't out yet, but if you're interested I can give you a DVD in the upcoming months. Just email me here:

Jason Deeh Pitre

PS: by the way, the movie cost $600, in all. And the movie is now 2h26 min.