Saturday, April 19, 2008

Storeybored Time Again

Now that I'm done the last few shots that now tie together all of my scenes into a single film of 40 minutes, it's time to get to work on the next bunch of shots. The script is almost all done now, and this means it's also time to get some storyboreds done.

Following the advice of M dot Strange, I went out to the dollar store and grabbed a couple 10 packs of recipe cards. These are the ideal size for storyboreding, plus you can rearrange them as you see fit, insert cards etc. Just make sure to follow the numbering scheme of the old Commodore 64 Basic programming days: number your cards in increments of 10 20 30 40... etc so you can easily add frames in later (15...17 etc...) Numbering your cards is advised, lest you spill them all on the floor at some point.

You'll notice how fancy and colorful these cards are. Normally I wouldn't go to such effort, except that being bored at work in a call centre lends itself perfectly to coloring in storybored cards. That's why I call them story_boreds. The coloring actually makes the panels easier to follow. Bad guys get red, good guys get blue, certain effects get their own colors, and main characters get their own colors as well. Backgrounds are done in representative colors, with an eye to establish some of the visual elements that I'll create in detail when it comes time to model and animate.

Action sequences are impossible to plan out any other way than with storyboreds. I typically start out by drawing a few action sequences, as above, splitting each card into 3 frames to get an idea of the action, but still enabling me to insert and rearrange cards as I want.

After I get a bunch of totally unrelated, uncontinuitous (?) cards done, I'll go back and fill in the gaps, linking the action so that a story starts to emerge. Now, based on the script I have a general idea of the things that need to happen, and I fill in the gaps until I figure it shows enough of the story to convey what I'm attempting to say through the story.

I don't always go to such great extents with my storyboreds.

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