Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rocketmen vs Robots

Archon Defender isn't my first and only film, I've done three other films in the Rocketmen vs Robots series, which you can find here.

I've submitted all four rocketmen films (80 mins, so it's like one big movie with 4 chapters...) to the From Here to Awesome film festival. So if you want to see rocketmen on a big screen type festival, (or if you just want to see the rocketmen films totally own another film festival the way I totally pwn3d renderfest in Toronto a few years ago...) go here and vote for rocketmen vs robots. *o ys apparently you have to register at their site in order to vote :\ that seems kinda dumb to me, but film festivals always seem to have one stupid rule or another, like "we don't accept films that have already been online' or 'we dont take films on dvd that you can burn at home, we only accept some obscure film format that you've never heard of and will cost you $10,000 to get your film transfered onto'

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