Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Extras = Body Count ++

It sucks to be an extra in one of my films. Extras don't survive long on the screen. Some barely manage to live through 2 or three shots before meeting their ultimate demise in cruel, amusing, and creative ways. Take this group for example: They don't even get the dignity of fashion before they get put through the meat grinder (note: not an actual meat grinder...)

Actually, these atrociously colored outfits aren't the final color. I haven't quite decided what that will be, though the "color replace" filter in After Effects will let me change the color to whatever I want when I comp the next set of shots. I just needed outfits that weren't red >:D

Extras live a kind of life in limbo, always coming back
in different outfits with different props, only to be
killed off in ever increasingly tormenting ways.


neonskimmer said...

keep rockin it nodelete

speaking of independent movies, my friend and one the guys who's on our label just finished an insane epic movie (2:40!) all shot on digital black & white with an 800$ budget (most of which was transportation)

Affinity Point

Crazy stuff. Fuck the studios! hehe.


nodelete said...

Looks interesting, I'm assuming that's 2 hours and 40 mins, not 2 mins and 40 seconds ;) Yeah you totally don't need to spend money to make movies these days (well, minimal amounts of money)

Does this film have a web site or a production blog? That's totally the way to build an online fanbase.