Thursday, April 3, 2008

Character Designs part 1

Here's some final renders of a few of the characters in Archon Defender:

"lazy co worker"

He's more of an extra, and so far you only see him
from behind the left shoulder, for one shot.
(heh.. he doesn't even qualify for a real name >:P
so I'll probably recycle him if I need a crowd / civilian scene
or if I need to bump up the 'body count' a bit

Merelle. Poor Merelle... onoes :(
Her scenes didn't even make it into the first 'draft'
let alone into the storyboards. She is still in a couple
shots, but doesn't say anything. Another candidate
for recycling with different color hair / clothes.

I had to make a character to fit the name though... I think
'Merelle' is a city down in south virginia or somewhere
(I get a lot of good names from city and street names
when I'm otherwise bored at work...)

Mary is an important, although peripheral character in the film.

Alan. Alan is one of the main characters in the film
and I also had to design 3 separate outfits for him.
This means 3 different 3d models: civilian, dress uniform and pilot uniform

If you're a main character in one of my films, you get your own name tag.
It's one of the few perks, but barely compensates for the rough ride you're going to get >:D

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