Sunday, April 20, 2008

Allow myself to introduce... ...myself.

I was busy today setting up an account over at IndieGoGo, part of my nefraious scheme to take all of your money while I'm driven away in a rolls royce, smoking cuban cigars lit with a burning $1,000 dollar bill, while the rest of you lie in the gutter shivering in the cold rain wishing you were me.

So one of the things they want you to do is 'describe yourself', which (if you're anything like me) is more arduous than writing a cover letter and resume. Or like taking one of those 'personality tests' where they end up wanting you to join some crazy religion or something.

So without further adios, I interview myself:

Canadian filmmaker and animator David T. Krupicz, who goes by the nick 'nodelete', has been creating 3D animated films since 2001, starting with his groundbreaking entry "Rocketmen vs Robots" and three subsequent sequels, which have played to great reception at festivals, but focused primarily to an online audience. "It's the online audience where the future is. Digital distribution is the future, it's here now, and the film festivals are getting left behind'

Nodelete is one of many emerging artists who wield technology to create cinematic works that would have been impossible just a decade or two ago. "We are part of an unstoppable revolution in filmmaking, where a single individual can master all aspects of production without constraints of time, money, or what I call 'creation by committee'. The internet and computer technology make it inevitable that more artists like me will continue to emerge."

Nodelete has roots in the electronic music scene, and the oldskool amiga mod music scene. "This kind of thing has been around for ages. Back in the day, we would all swap music files made in soundtracker, octamed, or impulse tracker over dialup bbs's or floppy disks. Then it was the internet and Nowadays film is just catching up to where music was 15 years ago."

As a jack of all trades, Nodelete's years as a techno / electronic artist come in handy for filmmaking. "Compared to movies, music is dead easy, just slap some beats together with a DX7 bassline and a ring modulator. But I'm able to do the sound effects and the score to my films which gives me more creative control over my films."

Nodelete's latest project is well under way. "It's titled Archon Defender, and it's going to be a lot different than my rocketmen films were. A lot darker and more emotional, I wanted to create a film that reflects the modern realities that we've had to face since 9/11. The film deals with issues of loss, purpose, tyranny and injustice, sacrifice and honour, and standing up
to defend your freedoms from being eroded away. It's a film that's been percolating on the back burner of my mind for a while, and it finally coalesced into a kernel of inspiration. It's a lot more intricate and involved than that, but I'll be explaining it as I go along on my production blog."

Nodelete's previous works, and previews of the upcoming Archon Defender, can be viewed at his youtube channel, as well as on his blog.

Two squirrels were injured during the course of this interview.

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