Monday, April 28, 2008

3D Made easy #9: Endorphin to 3D Max

Several people have emailed me asking how I managed to get data from endorphin into 3D Max. A very good question, since it wasn't easy, and my method isn't the 'official' way as described in the endorphin docs (oddly enough, for an app that'll set you back 5 digits at least, importing data into 3d max doesn't seem to actually work)

Start with the default endorphin character, inflict whatever tortures your twisted imagination can conjure.

1) File > Export
2) save as type .BVH
3) pick a filename to save and hit "save"

The export window parameters will pop up

4) check 'reference character'
5) hit the dots button to pick the reference character
6) pick the 'eyesjapan' character
7) hit ok, and leave all settings as default
8) click ok to save the motion file

Now in 3Dmax, set up a default biped.

(This is where it's handy to save a version of your biped as a .fig figure pose file in 3d max because when we import the .bvh motion file from endorphin, it's going to mess up the scale of your biped.)

1) Under motion capture click on the 'open motion capture file' button
2) Pick file type .bvh
3) Find and open your .bvh file that you saved from endorphin
4) This will pop up another import filter popup, leave all as default and hit ok

3D max will think for a bit (and maybe crash) but when it's done you'll notice your biped has been f*@&ed up. To bring back your biped:

5) click on the 'figure mode' button
6) click on the 'open file' button

The button right to the right is the save file button, clicking on this button in figure mode will let you save a figure file of your biped, as I mentioned above...

7) Pick your saved biped figure file and hit ok

Now play with the time slider, and your biped will act out the motion from your endorphin file.

You may have to fine tune your 3d max biped, it's not uncommon to end up with hands moving though other body parts, etc. So use the 'layers' feature of biped to fine tune the motion, collapse everything to one layer, and save the motion as .bip files that you can use in the motion mixer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ! I was looking at this the whole saturday and thanxs to your help, I had this working nice after some sleep !


Anonymous said...

WOW! SO cool! It really works!
Tried everything without success!

Thx so much!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why, but when I import animation to 3Ds max theres no animation...