Friday, March 14, 2008

How to understand Archon Defender (part 1)

The universe was created out of a singularity of nothingness known as the origin, the origin being a point of infinite possibility surrounded by the void, which is the absence of all things. This is supported by the Hindenburg's uncertainty principle which states that for any particle, you cannot simultaneously know both location and vector of motion, because by measuring one aspect, you irrevocably affect the other. A single particle alone in a universe of space has nothing by which to measure it's position, because measurements of position are by definition relative. Therefore that particle has a known position, which is at the centre of the void surrounding it. It's motion vector consists simultaneously of all possible directions and speeds of travel, which average out to a motion of zero when considered in a spherical context. This has two effects: The single particle contains infinite possibility, and also knows it's position and vector which is a violation of the uncertainty principle. Because of this violation, the particle (aka the origin) collapses (or rather expands) and the infinite universe that we see is created. Thus the origin undergoes the intent of creation.

Because the origin contains infinite possibility, it can be considered as what we would understand as the consciousness of god. At the creation of the universe, the infinite consciousness of the origin was shattered into infinitesimal fragments of which the universe we see ( ) is merely the smallest part. All the fragments are connected back through time to the origin, and it is Time which allows all things to exist. The mind of God is described in the Catholic religion as the Word of God. A word is an idea, and an idea representing a thought. A word is a sound representing a thought, and a sound is defined as the propagation of waves of energy vibrations through a medium over time. Without time, there is no sound. The word of god, in the context of the origin, is the entire universe. That is the Secret of Sound, that all things are connected to one, and that we are all one, we are all fragments of the origin which is the consciousness of god which stands at the singularity beyond all space and time, surrounded by the void which is eternal nothingness.

All worlds exist at certain vibrational frequencies. A multitude of universes exist atop one another, at different frequencies (similar to radio stations on the AM dial) There are worlds we cannot see above and below our level of awareness. Directly below our world, at half the vibrational frequency, is the world we experience as the dream world. Dark things dwell within the dream, darker things within the dream of the dream. Above our world, the realm we would attribute as heavenly, is inhabited by those known as the Octavien, due to the fact that each level of separation exists at the octave frequency (double or half ) of the underlying layer.

All pervasive through the universe is the remnant energy known as the Shard, which is the fading echo, or the dimming ember of the intent of creation. Minuscule by comparison to the infinite of the origin, the Shard is vast and inexhaustible by human measures. The Shard is the remnant of creation, it links all life, but lies just beyond our conscious grasp. Everyone has a connection to the shard, it is the connection that flows from the origin. Only some will awaken to their connection. As the Shard is a fragment of the intent of creation, it has the same power of the origin, except on a far lesser scale, although this as well is vast and inexhaustible by human measure. It may be manifest as psychic ability, artistic talent, 'paranormal' occurance, religions can be based around those who have a strong connection to it. Active, conscious control of the shard and it's effects takes mental training and meditation, a student of the Shard is known as an Adept, and with enough training to ascend to Master. The meditations that control the Shard and tune it to your conscious will are called Aum (for example, the Levitation Aum, Illumination Aum, the Silent Aum which can have a counteracting or dampening effect) Conscious use of the Shard is not without risks, because it is guided by the total intent of the Adept, conscious and subconscious. The subconscious intent of the mind is emotional reaction, so it is necessary that the adept focus their will in absence of the color of emotional response. Action flows from intent. Reaction is emotional cascade. When the Shard gets the better of you, or you lose control of your Aum to emotional intent, the result is the Black Shard (...which I have represented in Archon Defender as the black fractal crystals that spread everywhere...)


There's more to it, but that's the kernel of it. Other things I would say we need in a film would be honour, sacrafice for freedom , and defiance to tyrrany. Those are some of the aspects I've tried to embody in my film Archon Defender

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