Monday, March 31, 2008

Computer Surgery

I've been spending the good part of today distracted by a misbehaving computer which has been freezing up on my the last couple of weeks (ever since I bumped into it with the vacuum cleaner, it would seem..)

I finally tracked down the problem to the video card (I think) and the "new" video card (actually a really old 8 meg PCI video card) seems to have done the trick. Now seeing as this computer is strictly a render slave, it doesn't need much except for a bare bones video card. It just needs to stay on without freezing, is all.

Let's keep our toes crossed for now...

Today's 3D animation lesson will be:

redundancy redundancy redundancy redundancy redundancy

Always have lots of computers. Old computers, new computers. And never pay full price for anything new. I swear by off lease and factory outlet refurb stores.

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