Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Check out this AMV

I was sent this cool amv on youtube today:

Now, what I got out of this is that you gotta be careful of what you rip off for your own films. Lucas ripped off akira kurosowa's 'hidden fortress' for star wars, for example. (apparently, I've never actually seen hidden fortress)

Also you cant help but rip off something when you make a film, because every thing's already been done.

So the solution is to rip off as many things as you possibly can, then when the inevitable comparisons are made you can say "nope, sorry I didn't rip off star wars, I ripped off dark city kthx thanks for coming out"

I've 'ripped off' (or more accurately, taken as inspiration) the following films, tv shows, or books to make archon defender:
  • Dark City
  • the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
  • Memphis Belle
  • This comic book i had when I was a kid... I can never remember the name of it, so hopefully someone out there may remember this: It was one of those el cheapo comic companies from the 60's or 70's like charleton, and the comic was about these flame men from the sun that attack earth, and these rocketmen guys have to fight them off. In particular, everyone flew around in these rectangular hovering space ships. I think they defeated the flame guys with liquid nitrogen guns or something.
  • The anime series Noein (to some extent)
  • The anime setres Last Exile (to some extent)
  • The anime Hoshi no Koe (to some extent)
  • The Fountain (after the fact... a lot of my symbolic imagery is similar to scenes in this film, which I saw after I was well into production)

  • Skyland - to no extent was I influenced by nor used ideas from. By the time I found out about this series, I was 20 minutes into archon defender. When I watched this, it was like watching a whole bunch of my ideas (and a bunch of everyone else's ideas, I could totally go on a big rant about this series). Whatever..., I've never even heard of the creators of this before, and I've been pretty top secret about archon defender for the first little while. The only idea of mine they should have stolen is: Lip synching in 3d animation should be sytlisticly simple or else it will look terrible. (more on this at a later date)
  • Veggie Tales. - do not compare archon defender to veggie tales. See my previous post if you need to know why.

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_aa_ said...

Obviously you've never seen Mel Gibson's Passion of the Eggplant.

The only thing I'd compare Archon Defender to is this.