Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3D made easy #5: Design inspiration from unsuspecting places...

Something I've noticed lately at work:
(aka boredom makes work for an idle mind)

I routinely deal with maps at my job, and I've noticed that the layouts of airport tarmac would make great industrial / technological building elements

check out some examples from google maps:

The Denver airport is girders and ceiling joists just waiting to be traced and replicated in 3D (not to mention it harbors a secret underground alien base)

The Philadelphia airport looks like the some kind of steampunk blade runner sidearm

Dallas Fort Worth. They really do build everything bigger in Texas, eh? I can imagine a hundred uses for this design. Cyclotron robotic death chamber much?

These would make a great starting point for any technological or industrial design. Post apocalyptic pieces of twisted metal sticking up on the horizon, while the protagonists duke it out with glowing red eye killbots. It's pretty much up to your imagination, although imagination is made a lot easier when half of the thinking has already been done for you ;D

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