Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting for after effects to render

Ah, rendering. my favourite time of the day.
Down below you'll see after effects churning away at today's shots
25 seconds of new shots, to fill in some gaps in my latest sequence.

After Effects is a lot slower when processing 16 bits per pixel vs 8 bits, but the payoff is worth it: no banding in areas with wide, smooth gradients, especially once you convert to divx.

Now, I don't get 25 seconds of shots done every day. I had to model all the interior and exterior of the command bunker for these shots, and that took a week, off and on, due to my laziness and also having to reinstall windows after my system drive crashed.

But these shots are done now and tomorrow it's more 3D modeling. Off to bed, and after effects can slave away all night

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